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Tax is not a numbers game.  It’s a word game.  So if you want to be ahead of the game, you need someone who speaks the language of tax – fluently and correctly.  You need someone who really understands how the language of tax works and adopts a forensic approach to solving tax problems.  With Andrew Gotch that’s exactly what you’ll get. 

Years of experience have made Andrew the tax adviser of choice for many professionals and his communication skills have been proved time and time again in the lecture room, in print and in meetings with clients and the tax authorities.  Now you can have the benefit of his expertise as well.

Andrew specialises in UK taxation for individuals and companies, from the small individual case to the large multinational group.  Some of the many areas where he will add value and insight are these:

Tax enquiries and investigations.  Nowadays the Revenue are getting into their stride with enquiries – they do it 24/7.  So when you’re up against the Revenue, you need someone who knows what to do inside out – and after many years inside and outside the Revenue, that’s just what Andrew can give you.  Andrew has spent years protecting taxpayers from unjustified attacks by the Revenue and has saved clients literally millions of pounds. 

Sales of businesses and companies.  When people sell their businesses or their companies, it’s often the biggest deal of their lives, a deal that they’ve spent every day of their adult lives working towards.  You can bet that pressure will be high and sometimes it’s difficult to make a balanced judgement about which way to go with the deal or to identify what the tax consequences of what you’re thinking of doing will be – and it’s all too easy to swap a 10% tax liability for a liability of 40% or more.  That makes it doubly important that you have a cool head advising you what to do so you don’t inadvertently hand too much of your hard-earned sale proceeds to HM Treasury.  Andrew brings you years of experience of advising business owners and their professional advisers on how to structure deals to get the best tax result as well as the best commercial result. 

Incorporation and reorganisation
Many people need to adapt to the changing profile of their businesses as they grow and prosper.  Some people want to move their businesses into a company, others want to reorganise their company into a group, or to split one company into two separate businesses – the possibilities are almost endless.  The commercial objective might be clear – but the tax implications are not!  Getting an incorporation or a reorganisation wrong can bring enormous unexpected tax liabilities with it – and remember – there’s no going back.  As the Courts have said on many occasions, “No deed can change the past”: and with tax you lie in the bed that you make for yourself.  Andrew has the experience and knowledge to help you get it right first time, every time.

Expert witness and review work
Some professional advisers make mistakes.  When those mistakes cost you money in additional tax, interest and penalties, you need someone who can identify what went wrong in a clear and incisive way so that you can get the redress you deserve.  Andrew has the skill and experience to understand what went wrong and to demonstrate how it could have been done better.  He has produced many expert witness reports and can work with you or your professional advisers to quantify any loss that you may have suffered. 

Remember – with tax you can’t afford to be 99% right and you can’t just hope for the best, unless you want to pay over to the Revenue substantial financial penalties and interest along with the extra tax you’re unnecessarily having to pay. 

With Tax Fellowship, it’s simple: ask Andrew – get advice – sleep easily!