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The Terms and Conditions.

Years of hands-on experience – Great depths of knowledge – Sound judgement. 
Those are rare resources. 
They are valuable resources. 
Tax Fellowship provides them.

With Tax Fellowship, you pay for the security of knowing that someone who knows tax inside out is making sure you’re keeping the maximum amount of your hard-earned money for yourself. 

You also pay for the individual attention of a real, dedicated expert – there’s no fobbing off of work to junior staff members who might miss something that costs you real money later.  You can also take comfort in knowing that personal liability for his work makes Andrew a byword for thoroughness in his work – there’s no corporate veil to hide behind. 

The terms
The fees Tax Fellowship charges and the way it charges them depends on what the work is.

The rate of charge for routine work is £180 + VAT per hour.  For work of a more complex nature, or where the amounts involved are substantial, the rate of charge is £250 + VAT per hour.  Time is measured on the basis of 15 minute units of time.  You will always be told what the rate of charge is before any work is done.

Sometimes you may prefer to negotiate a particular fee for a job, and sometimes, if it is a job that Andrew has done before and he knows what is involved, he will suggest that a fee is charged that reflects the work that is done.  Sometimes a fee might be negotiated that is related to the value of the saving made as a result of the advice.

Normally our invoices will be issued monthly and are payable on receipt.  Where a particular job is substantial or will be particularly time consuming, Tax Fellowship will ask you to pay a proportion of the anticipated fee in advance.

Whatever the strategy, Tax Fellowship’s promise to you is that you will always know what you can expect to pay and when you will be expected to pay it.

The conditions
Tax Fellowship is keen that you know exactly what you are supposed to get for your money and what you have to do to ensure that you get the best advice from Andrew.  That means that all Tax Fellowship’s clients sign an engagement letter that sets out exactly what the responsibilities of Tax Fellowship are and, in turn, what you have to do so you get the best advice.  Andrew will explain the engagement letter to you to make sure that you understand exactly what you are signing.  You will also be asked to provide information that will allow us to comply with the compulsory Money Laundering regulations that apply to Tax Fellowship.

Getting things right
Tax Fellowship aims to work closely with you so that problems are anticipated and addressed before they become an issue.  However, you can also be reassured in the knowledge that, as a Chartered Tax Adviser, Andrew is governed by the rigorous ethical and professional standards of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, to which he will adhere at all times. 
You can get full details at http://www.tax.org.uk/showarticle.pl?id=3198&n=130.